Day One:26th Nov 2013

    Morning Track 1
    Global Urban Rail Transit Development Opportunities and Challenges

    Afternoon Track 2
    Innovation and Upgrading of Operation Management Mode

  Day Two:27th Nov 2013

    Morning Track 1
    Technical Renovation and Safety

    Afternoon Track 2
    Rail Transit Vehicles Modernization Solutions

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During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period (2011-2015), China's national railway operation of total mileage will increase from the current 91,000 km to 120,000 km. Among them, the domestic urban rail construction showing unprecedented hot situation, a new round of metro construction will gradually develop throughout the country. In September 2012, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) approved multiple urban rail transit construction projects; the total investment is expected to 800 billion. By 2015, China's planning urban rail lines construction mileage will reach 3,000 kilometers; the investment will reach 1.27 trillion Yuan. To 2020, China's urban rail mileage will reach 7,395 kilometers; the investment is expected to reach 3 trillion. To 2050 planning metro lines will increase to 289 with a total mileage 11700 km.

Currently, China is the world’s largest urban rail market and it is in need of more advanced technology and component suppliers for metro and light rail manufacturing, construction, as well as operation. Safety trends and high capacity processes need to be applied to the construction of tunnels and more intelligent station facilitates, in order to further urban rail development.

The 7th Annual City-Rail 2013 will bring together major metro operators, government officials & industry associations, planning institutes, tunnel construction corporations, urban rail vehicle manufacturing groups and venders to discuss the opportunities and challenges in developing urban rail and how to solve these problems with intelligence and excellent productivity.

Key Issues 2013:
*Standardization construction of underground space engineering and security risk control system
*Focus on improving the standardization and normalization of basic condition for trial operation of urban rail transit
*Comprehensive establish informatization and technicalization urban rail transport network
*Create the advanced and green city rail network
*Feasibility study for the low-speed maglev train which may be used for Metro Line
*Capitalizing on metro industry growth opportunities and planning for future capacity
*Comparison and selection between the new technology of communication based on the radio propagation and traditional wire transmission
*Foothold in the international platform, develop high quality vehicles for urban rail
*Apply the imformationalization and standardization constructuin standard to meet the needs of scaled networking operation much better
*The priority purpose of advanced urban rail transit system develop is safety guarantee
*The collectivize development and diversified business philosophy of
*How to be green and sustainable in the construction and operation
What We Offer At City Rail 2013?

Who should attend?
▲ Government/Association
▲ Rail Transit Operators
▲ Planning and Construction Companies
▲ Equipment and Service Provider
▲ Consulting Firms
▲ Vehicle Provider and Production Companies
▲ Financial Investment Institutes
▲ Campus and High-tech Institutes
▲ Others

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▲ President/CEO
▲ Manager
▲ Chief Engineer
▲ Associate/Professor/Dean
▲ Department Director
▲ Others

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